ICC t20 Cricket World Cup 2014 opening ceremony ,T-20 Cricket world cup 2014 Bangladesh


ICC t20 Cricket World Cup 2014 Bangladesh
ICC - Cricket World Cup 2014 at the Bangladesh Cricket Board today 'BCB Celebration Concert. Bangladesh and India bands and artists will take part in this concert. The concert will begin at Bangabandhu National Stadium todays afternoon.Bangladesh Television and Channel Nine will broadcast live.

Today these concerts ICC official event song "Four sixes are being 'sing traveler Kanai, particulates, elita, Johan, cool, worship and Tapas, the Bangladesh Cricket Board welcomes the Music' Peace Doves were flying,, Fuad Al Muqtadir and konala sing. Afternoon concert will be songs covers band, Miles, Souls, and sea and Friends. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will be present at the evening venue.

This event will sing songs, Runa Laila, Sabina Yasmin, Kumar Biswajit and Mumtaz. This concert is part of AR Rahman in Dhaka and in the meantime take a team of 130 people. Music directed by AR Rahman emerged to sing Narayan, Javed Ali, policies Mohan, Shweta Pandit, haradipa Kaur said.

Rahman to do music anymore. Presentations will sibamanira joy. Akon came from the United States. His R & B and hip-hop performances.Using three-dimensional technology will showcase the history of Bangladesh cricket. Fireworks will end the opening ceremony.
A. R Rahman with Akon in t20 Cricket World Cup 2014 opening ceremony
Take the 35-minute reach to 11pm Tuesday to juggle! Rahman came to the stadium and in a few moments before. The stage has been created. Being a light and sound. He sees the whole platform around the break. Itself are different musical experiment.The whole stadium is startled by the sound of drum marcim sibamanira joy.

Tight security around the stage. Many in the crowd in front of the stage to play with the safety eyes. Take a look at the views from rahaman, listening to his songs - that is the purpose.A. Rahman, but did not disappoint anyone. 1 hour 5 minutes and sat himself on the harmonium night. Javed Ali sat beside her. The trial began. The trial began with fashioned song and Rahman. To bewitch his performance was enjoyed by everyone. The stage was empty shortly.
Lights went out. Burning stage lights came Policy Mohan, Narayan then emerged. With the dancers. One is to create a different effect.Whether the night is growing, managing artists on stage, singing, and then thanked the longer rahaman, coming down from the platform needed to speak with him. When we have repented, then two nights. Stadium still undergoing trial, which is told on Thursday (today) evening in stadium.What an extraordinary diverse cases this will happen!

Akon American musician. R & B and Hip Hop style of music has been popular. He is also musician, songwriter and producer. His name is on the list of very influential celebrities in Africa. 'Billboard Hot hanadreda' list has 35 times ayakanera song. Received five Grammy Award nominations. ICC - 2014 t20 World Cup Celebration Concert at the Bangabandhu National Stadium today, the music will be held at the BCB. From a five star hotel in the afternoon on Wednesday, Akon has an exclusive interview.

*Feel in Bangladesh?
#I came here just a short while ago. Until now, I feel like everything's great. Want to explore the city further. Whether the food is great, also have wanted to taste.

*Your body has mixed blood senegal. It has influenced songs?
#For me it has brought additional benefits. When I started Hip Hop, African Melody mixed with the music.I have been able to. One such song itself did not want to be tied into. The reason why the world does not go to the outskirts. Music is my drug of choice, I grew up in a cultural climate.

*Most of the things that affect you in music?
#My experience helps me write songs. I can see that going around, that's what I focus on my music. There has been since the days of my songs reflect that.

*All of your music is heard the clang of the prison doors open, why?
#When I was in prison, it has saved my life. This word reminds me of those days. Reminds me of the person that humanity, I do not want to go back. For me it's like a warning.

*Who was the most special of them who have worked with?
#Michael Jackson. Pish, he could do even more with even more music to be recorded, for me it would be able to perform some incredible live. However, we were able to work with him, that was special. My dream was to work with him. That dream has been fulfilled.

*India 'chammaka challo' song sang on. Bangladeshi artists have a desire to work with?
#Sure, why not. Hearts desire. But the question of who will? If you find an artist to do the work, why not?

*Bangladesh is a message to your fans?
#Be the first to say, come here, wonderful honor for me. Your love is so far away from home and get yourself great things for me. 'Chammaka challo' s'd like to make an album, especially considering the audience. Then maybe I will come to a full tour, visitors will be able to enjoy the better of my songs.